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How Do You Define Poverty?

The reason so many people are unhappy today and seeking help to cope with life is that they fail to understand what human existence is all about. Until we recognize that life is not just something to be enjoyed, but rather is a task that each of us is assigned we’ll never find meaning in our lives and never truly be happy.


—Dr. Victor Frankl, Holocaust survivor


     Have you ever wondered why certain people are more successful than others? Why certain people are wealthy, and others live from paycheck to paycheck? Or have you ever driven through a particular neighborhood and wondered to yourself, “How are these people able to live in these mansions?” The answer is so very simple. The people that are truly successful, wealthy, and prosperous used their God-given talents and minds to do and to think the way God intended—big. 


     God gave us, as humans, some incredible abilities that we fail to use or recognize. As a matter of fact, we are the only species that have been created in his image and likeness. We’re the only species that have a soul. Even the heavenly host of angels doesn’t have this privilege (Genesis 2:7). 


     One of the greatest blessings that he has given us is dominion to create the life we want to live. Look at where you are right now in your life. Did you know you did that? You created this for yourself. You may not have paid any attention to those small details, and decisions, that got you from there to this point in your life, but the reality is—you did this. 


     So, let me ask you a question, how do you view poverty? Do you feel that it’s something that can’t be avoided because your parents and perhaps their parents grew up poor? Or maybe you read the passage of scripture where Jesus said, “For you always have the poor among you,” which would seem to suggest and perhaps validate the premise that it’s okay to live in poverty? But notice what the great master teacher said, the poor will always be among you. Take note that he did not include the disciples, neither himself, in the class with the poor. 


     There will always be people who will not accept the fact that they have been created for greatness; that they were never to experience poverty. This is another one of those subtle truths that, if not embraced correctly, will result in a life full of poverty.


     Maybe your definition of poverty means being without, or not being able to shop for the up-to-date…

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