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Book Summary

Ronald L. Godbee, Sr. calls it “the book that will liberate you and activate you to live from the position that Christ established for you on the cross.” While many think that the difference between poverty and wealth is defined by the car one drives, the size of the house one lives in and the amount of money in one’s bank account, the truth of the matter is those things are results—or lack thereof—not definitions. 

    In this candid debut book, Breaking the Chains of Poverty: The Secret to Having a Wealthy, Healthy and Wholesome Life, author Demetrius Sandridge helps readers recognize those moments God affords us the opportunity to prosper and come up higher in every aspect of our lives—and how we can maximize those opportunities.


     Chronicling his story from rags to riches, and riches back to rags, Sandridge ignites a sense of excitement and urgency—which catapults readers out of a poverty mindset into a millionaire mentality with every turn of the page.

    In this book, you will discover:

  • How to transform your mindset to that of a millionaire

  • How to use money as a tool, not a motivator of dreams and goals

  • How to apply simplistic, practical approaches to go from your current reality to dream fulfillment

  • How to apply action to your faith, and faith to your actions 

  • Why you need to encourage others to adopt your new way of thinking

  • And more!


"Wow, very powerful my friend…Congratulations” 
        -Chris C. Klebba


“Read this book, and I guarantee wisdom will come alive in you!”
         -Pastor Eddie Williams


“This book is a fundamental treatise that empowers the reader to understand that though life, at times, may seem intractable and untenable, it can also be liberating and instructive.”
       -Bishop Edgar L. Vann, II


“This book taps into millions of people's minds, souls and spirits like none other!” 
      -Mary Jackson



"Congrats to You!..."

      _Anita Baker 


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