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     While many think poverty reflects a lack of money, Demetrius Sandridge, author and speaker, knows firsthand that the term holds much more weight than what meets the natural eye. Affectionately known to many as “The Detroit Dog Whisperer”, Sandridge learned early in life that millionaire status had much more to do with mindset than money. It was only when he changed his mindset and associations that he saw his life transform right before his very eyes—and he’s on a mission to aid others in doing the same.

     At the young age of 20, Sandridge was afforded the opportunity to chauffeur for a multi-millionaire. Taking notes of his every move, walk and talk, he was inspired to reach for millionaire status after he’d watched his mother struggle to raise him and his three siblings. It was also at this time he realized that as he was earning $50,000 a year as his private chauffeur, while his mother—who’d worked for the millionaire many years as his housekeeper and nanny—made significantly less. Pulling his family out of poverty was no longer a wish, a preference or a nice gesture—it was a mandate.

     In his debut book, Breaking the Chains of Poverty: The Secret to Having a Wealthy, Healthy and Wholesome Life, Sandridge helps readers recognize those moments God affords us the opportunity to prosper and come up higher in every aspect of our lives—and how we can maximize those opportunities. Chronicling his story from rags to riches, and riches back to rags, Sandridge ignites a sense of excitement and urgency—which catapults readers out of a poverty mindset into a millionaire mentality. Eager to start their journey to new life, readers are equipped with simplistic, practical approaches to take them from their current reality to dream fulfillment. As someone who didn’t read a book until his early thirties, for Sandridge to have the audacity to write one speaks volumes in itself.

     As a Licensed Real Estate Consultant as well, Sandridge has not only been featured on the hit TV Show, HGTV House Hunters, but he’s assisted numerous superstars for various endeavors, including but not limited to, Anita Baker, Wesley Snipes, Les Brown, Jay Leno and the late Johnnie Cochran. Coupled with his strong passion for writing and speaking, Sandridge is determined to see people make even the smallest changes in life based on his advice—which yield monumental results!


     As a cancer survivor, mentor to many, and a man of business and faith, Sandridge realized that his faith not only healed him from cancer—but broke the chains of poverty off his life. 
For speaking engagements, interviews or more information, email Demetrius at: 

Demetrius@DSandridge.Com  or visit

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