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Our Charity of choice is: 


Arms Open With Love.


A portion of all Book Sale proceeds will be donated to this charity. 

Hello my name is Sophia Whitehead, Founder of Arms Open With Love. I created this amazing program because I have a heart and a passion to help hurting people, and to also make a huge difference in our communities. 


I don't just consider this a regular program, but this is a MOVEMENT. 


Feeding the hungry, and proving clothes and the necessities to people that are in need, is our primary focus. Every month we find creative ways to please God, by putting a smile on someone's face.


This movement is all about Christ, and not about us. We don't just tell people that Christ Loves them, but we demonstrate His Love through our Actions. We show people that our Arms are Open With Love.


If you would like to volunteer, or make a donation, please send us an email at:



Contact us at:


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