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"It's More Than A Hoodie...It's My Statement"

"We will Never Win the War on Poverty until we First Conquer the Battles in the Mind." 

--Author D. Sandridge



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"...This book is a fundamental treatise that empowers the reader to understand that though life, at times, may seem intractable and untenable it can also be liberating and instructive..."
 --Bishop Edgar L. Vann, II
“Breaking the Chains of Poverty is the book that will liberate you and activate you to live from the position that Christ established for you on the cross.”
 --Pastor Ronald L. Godbee, Sr.
"Congrats to You..."
                --Anita Baker
"Wow, very powerful my friend…I have such respect for those that take control of their lives especially single mothers.  I placed my order for a few books...Congratulations”  
              --Chris C. Klebba

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"Demetrius...You have the Gift and  Power--Use it!"
                 --Les Brown

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Custom Signature Series Hoodies
"Much love and everlasting energy  to you. Look forward to the  important reading"
                  --Wesley Snipes
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